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concrete kitchen sink, serving all of Southern California, caConcrete countertops for kitchens, islands and bathroom vanities, Unique kitchen details, such as integrated back splash, drain boards and cutting boards.

Our decorative concrete countertops offer timeless design and versatility for home, office or retail use. Concrete’s immense adaptability allows you to express your personal style through the use of color, texture and physical design. With decades of experience in concrete design and development, our pre cast molding and finishing techniques ensure a tightly controlled, consistently rendered outcome.
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Refirbished Polished Concrete Floors
Polished concrete floor finishes:

Ecologic and Environment friendly, polished concrete is a LEEDs friendly product. It utilizes the existing concrete surfaces which eliminates the need for additional coverings and coating materials to be manufactured and purchased. Tile, carpet, and linoleum wind up in landfills when they require replacement.
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- Concrete is a natural product.
- No odor or migration from chemicals.
- No solvent that evaporates into air.
- No thickness (as in SLCs) that can cause Sick Houses. No products that can cause allergies.
- Clean air :no dust emitted from a Polished Concrete Floor.

The concrete can breathe that allows water vapor to evaporate through as there are no coatings that can flake, peel, crack or separate and it does not harbor bacteria, mould or fungi, thank to its high natural PH.


Decrease in floor maintenance and less drag on cleaning equipment; making brushes, pads and mops last longer. Most floor systems, even ordinary concrete floors, require aggressive scrubbing in order to maintain a clean environment and nice appearance. No More Stripping and Waxing. With a polished concrete floor system there is no need to wax or strip the floor. All of your allocated maintenance labor and material costs for stripping and waxing can now be eliminated and added to your bottom line low maintenance cost

Easy to clean. Just sweep and mop only

Cost effective:

Polished concrete is one of the most economical, cost effective flooring alternatives out there. The reduced costs associated with saved energy, reduced tire wear, maintenance reduction, and especially the long-lasting durability shows that polished concrete is a budget sensible, as well as beautiful, flooring system.

Existing Concrete Floors

  • Old coatings must be removed to bare concrete. And floors must be clean.
  • Damages should be repaired.
  • Grinding with Metallic Diamond S.
  • Staining with BETON STAIN COLOR if you need to color the cement floor.
  • Impregnation with BETON HARDNER.
  • POLISHING with FK Phenolic Diamond.

New Concrete Floors:

By the addition of colored aggregates, it is possible to achieve a very elegant appearance in different variations. Also crushed colored glass can be seeded into the top layer of fresh concrete where then the grinding, honing and polishing processes will reveal the glass pieces.

  • Select colors and aggregates of concrete.
  • Place concrete and let cure for at least one week before any grinding.
  • Grinding with Metallic Diamond.
  • Staining with BETON STAIN COLOR. (When staining new concrete it must normally be cured for at least two weeks at 20° C. For optimum results, allow concrete to cure for four weeks).
  • Impregnation with BETON HARDNER.
  • POLISHING with FK Phenolic diamonds.

Comparison with WAX and PAINT COATINGS:

Polish or wax coatings are usually used to get a shiny floor. But the higher the shine, the more likely these scuff. That is why they last for a relatively short period of time. Furthermore heavier coats are more vulnerable to scratching and general wear. Therefore such coating must be frequently stripped before application of new coats. Only to be prepared again and again.

Similar is valid for paint coating based on acrylics, epoxies and urethanes (PU), as these must be frequent repainted due to wear. In high traffic areas every 2-5 years. So even if polish and wax sound cheap, in realty these are very expensive. In the long run there are no more expensive
form of floor coatings than polish and wax.


Concrete FireplaceFireplace hearths and surrounds: There is nothing like sitting in front of a nicely stoked fireplace. The relaxation it induces is almost an out of body experience. Knowing that Return to Stone has incorporated your every preference into your fireplace design will only intensify your satisfaction. 

Want a color that compliments your window shades? A texture that mimics wood or your family shield in the upper corner? It can be done.

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Incredible restaurant, cocktail bars

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Outdoor kitchens + entertainment areas + furniture

Polished concrete architectural elements

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